[One-Time Training & Networking Event] April 3rd, Ballantyne Hotel

[Training & Networking Event] You’re invited to join us at the Ballantyne Hotel for the Business Influencer event on April 3rd.

Here is the Paypal link for the $99 tickets for the April 3rd Business Influencers event at the Ballantyne Hotel & Resort.  CLICK HERE

ITEMS INCLUDED by purchasing your tickets through the CBO include…

* There will be professional photographers at this event and your ticket purchase includes a professional picture by professional photographers (used for your LinkedIn profile or whatever)
* The online “FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS” videos course.
* Lunch ticket
* My thanks 🙂

If you to like learn more about the event go to this link http://otbnetworking.com/bispecialpromo/

Click the link learn more about the event and to get special ticket pricing http://otbnetworking.com/bispecialpromo/