Networking, LinkedIn training, Lunch & More @ the August Networking Event

Welcome Charlotte Business Owners! You are cordially invited to the next meeting of the Charlotte Business Owners group!

This month’s topic is “Secret Sauce To LinkedIn Success”.


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* 45 minutes of person to person networking.

* Elevator speeches for everyone.

* 2-3 speakers

* Fish bowl drawings with great prizes that include a gift card from Jimmy Zuelsdorf from HF Financial, 2 spotlight give aways, and some other amazing give aways.


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SPEAKER/S- Rod Potter

TOPIC: “The Secret Sauce To LinkedIn Success”

Things covered included…
* Why LinkedIn is the BEST marketing tool!
* How are people profiting from LinkedIn?
* How to elevate your brand with your LinkedIn profile
* New Clients: The 5 Step Process
* How to set up a profile that others want to connect with
* Why 1st Degree connections are CRUCIAL to your success
* How to get TARGETED connections
* 6 EASY techniques to getting NEW connections Without using LinkedIn
* Why posting is so important
* 6 ways to get Maximum Exposure for your posts
* How to find PERFECT prospects
* A simple way to generate leads and be known as the “go to” expert at the
same time
* How to start a conversation with a NEW connection
* 3 Quick & Easy Business Builder Secrets

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