CLASS: “How To Use Instagram For Business”

Would you like to use the WORLD’S HOTTEST social media platform to generate new sales and leads?”

Join us for a special class on how to use Instagram. This social media platform has become “all the rage” and I would hate to see you get left behind your competition.

This class is all about how to use Instagram and get the most out of it.

Learn why restaurants and other companies are having business accounts and how they are working it to their advantage.

Within 1 year, EVERYBODY has switched to INSTAGRAM!

Right now is EXACTLY the RIGHT TIME to learn how to use it.

Learn STEP BY STEP how to build and run your Instagram account.

WHAT: “How To Use Instagram For Business” class

WHO IS THIS FOR: Business owners, marketing professionals, sales people, real estate professionals, non-profit organizations, essentially anyone that wants to generate business using Instagram!

DATE: May 22nd, 2019

TRAINER: Olga Osipov

HOW TO SIGN UP: RSVP on this page and pay for it by using the links below based on if you are a member of the CBO or not.

WHEN TO SIGN UP: Seating is LIMITED! Please signup right away. The class is filling up fast.

WHERE: Beantown Tavern in Matthews, NC

1. Introduction to Instagram (The Why, When, Who, How)

* How it works

* Stories

* Posts(photo/video)

* Highlights

* Hashtags

* How to find people

* Suggested pages

* Instagram for business

* Tracking stats

* Live video

* How to run polls/questions/lives

2. Choosing who you are / how you want your social presence to look like

* Business and personal brand

* Developing a voice

* Choosing a style

* Colors

* Something to represent the business

3. Creating Content

* Photography tips and photo editing techniques

* Graphic design anyone can do

* Simple video editing

* copywriting

4 Expanding and growing (Now that you have everything set up)

* Engaging with your following

* Outreach

* Advertising

* Influencer marketing

* Collaborations

* Hashtag search

* Running promotions

* Continuous content (scheduling out)

* Questions and answers


This class includes breakfast, drinks and tips. Select the option based on if you are a member and early-bird or not.

May 8th-May 19th:
• CBO member price $59
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• CBO member non-member price $69
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May 19th-May 21st:
• CBO member price $69
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• CBO member non-member price $79
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May 22nd:
• Everyone Price At The Door $99


• Pay here to join …

Please feel to email me with any questions.

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Rod Potter