CBO Spotlight Program


Announcing the CBO Spotlight program

What is it? This program is a monthly program that extends the 20 second elevator speech/business spotlight for 2 lucky winners to 2 minutes each (a $50 value). The winners will go after everyone does their 20 second speech.

How does the business spotlight work? Winners will get to give a 2 minute elevator speech where they can inform everyone on what they do, sell or promote something.

How are the winners chosen? Each month 2 people will be drawn and will speak the preceding month. If the winner/s don’t show or can’t make it, they will forfeit their spotlight.

How does it work? The entry tickets each month will be saved and re-used each month until the end of the year. Thereby, giving members that come to more meetings, a better chance of winning.

Please feel free to email me at Rod@RodPotter.com with any questions.


Rod Potter