CBO Referral Groups

Welcome to the monthly referral group meeting of the Charlotte Business Owners. First come, First serve per meeting for attendees PER INDUSTRY.

To officially attend a this referral meeting, it requires that you RSVP and pay for it by selecting from one of the options below.

Find the latest upcoming events by going to www.CharlotteBizOwners.com or by checking the upcoming events tab on this website.

If you have paid to attend and you see someone else from your industry coming to this meeting, please let me know asap. I will let them know that your industry is accounted for. If you have paid and are not on the list above, please email me at RodPotter16@Gmail.com



Option #1-  CBO member if pre-paid and RSVP’ed is $5 per meeting. CLICK HERE TO PRE-PAY

Option #2– Non CBO member, pre-paid & RSVP’ed is $16 per meeting. CLICK HERE TO PRE-PAY

Option  #3- PAY AT THE DOOR (CBO member or Non-member) is $20 per meeting.



* First come first serve basis for industries: 1 industry PER MEETING but will be locked in by the first person to rsvp and pay for the meeting. (The best strategy is to rsvp and pay early as you can. )

* Anyone can attend (member & non-member). Much better value to become a CBO member and also be a part of this group.

* Everyone will pay a fee per meeting, with lower fee’s for CBO members and grandfathered referral group members.

This monthly event is a way to exchange referrals & leads and is open to members and non-members.


What is it?

Each meeting will be a REFERRAL MASTERMIND where we will…

* Exchange leads/referrals
* Share referral success stories
* Provide “best practices” on how to get referrals.
* Have guest speakers.
* Techniques on how to conventional and unconventional ways in which to ask for referrals.
* And much more!

What to do?

a) RSVP for this meeting by clicking the RSVP button above.

b) Pre-pay by clicking one of payment (click here) options above.

c) Look at the other attendees to verify that your industry is not currently represented. The earlier you sign up the better to lock in your spot.

If you would like to become a member, you can pay for membership by CLICKING HERE

For more information on the what you get with the membership, please go to…http://bit.ly/CBOMembership

Form more information about the Charlotte Business Owners go to www.CharlotteBizOwners.com or www.CharlotteBizGroup.com

You are responsible for your own food and drink tab.

Please feel free to contact Rod Potter with any questions at Rod@RodPotter.com or by phone at (704)840-4137.

With regards,

Rod Potter

Owner @ Otb Video Marketing-http://bit.ly/OtbVidMarketing

LinkedIn Trainer & Consultant-http://bit.ly/WCLinkedIn

Founder @ Charlotte Business Owners at www.CharlotteBizOwners.com

Founder @ LinkedIn Charotte at www.LinkedInCharlotte.com

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