Become a CBO Speaker

Would you like to make a presentation to ONE business owner or a ROOM full of business owners???

If you said a room full of business owners, then you might be a be a good candidate to speak to the Charlotte Business Owners group.

Would you like to sponsor the group, but don’t need to speak?  CLICK HERE

As a group sponsor, you will get….

  • A sponsorship ad on the left side of the #1 Google ranked, with a click-through to your website for the month leading up to the event.
  • A 20 minute presentation/informational segment to the group at the monthly meeting.newcbol
  • Inclusion of event sponsorship in emails sent to the CBO group notifying members of the event
  • A month worth of constant promotion on all social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook of your company and event.
  • Your company prominently promoted in that month’s event listing.
  • You can offer a special discount or promotion to the group.
  • Table available in the event hall that may be used to place materials and handouts (you provide)
  • A drawing from the fish bowl to a lucky winner/s of your product/service.
  • Announcement recognizing sponsorship at the introduction of the speaker for the event.
  • Inclusion of sponsorship mention in any press releases distributed regarding the event
  • Sponsorship will be good for a full 30 days.


Sponsorship is $100 for the meeting or event and will be good for a full 30 days.

WHAT TO TALK ABOUT? Sponsors/speakers must give that are INFORMATIONAL in nature and NOT a sales presentation. The presentation must be one that provides helpful information to other business owners that they can use to help them build their businesses & that may or may not be directly affiliated with the industry that the presenter is in.


a) Call or email me to discuss what you would like to do and on speaker dates availability.

b) Send sponsorship payment to at Paypal asap.

c) Email a jpeg,gif or png file of your logo to that is 120×90 pixels in size.

d) Email what you would like to talk about in your presentation (must be informational, not salesy). e) A list of the items that you will be covering.

f) Optional: a BIO of yourself or your company.

g) A one liner for underneath of your logo on the frontpage of

h) The URL or link that you want you want to use as the clickthrough on the frontpage of

i) You also need to be a current member of the group.


OPTIONAL: If the sponsor/speaker would like, I am considering the idea of video recording their presentations and creating a video of their presentations for them of the Charlotte Business Owners meeting. This video could be used as content for your website, Youtube, Facebook, etc. The service would include 1 or 2 video cameras with a Sennheiser lapel mike that is fully edited with intro/exit animated video, your logo, music, titling etc. I will also put it on Youtube and give you a MP4 video file.

PRE-REQUISITE- In order to speak to the group, you must be a member. So, please take a minute to “JOIN” at

Thankyou for your interest, please contact me with any questions.

Rod Potter

(704) 840-4137

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